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Frontline Technologies is an established, innovative technology service company serving the professional, financial and investment banking communities across Canada. Frontline Technologies provides IT infrastructure support, managed services, technical support, hosted environment including email and file servers, remote backup, VoIP services, ISP, disaster recovery and much more — a suite of services designed to comprehensively meet the technology needs of clients. Frontline Technologies services are in compliance with applicable regulatory bodies thus providing the client with reliable technology and support.

Frontline Technologies is the leader in fully managed IT outsourcing service because it offers the client “one stop shopping” options. An array of services can be accessed through one reliable provider – Frontline Technologies. In addition to convenience and reliability, Frontline Technologies provides superior customer service, builds strong partnerships, and continuously develops innovative technologies.

Frontline’s vision is directed by Hoss Astaraki - Chairman and CEO. He is responsible for the strategic development, innovation and application of new technology & telecommunication, as well as ensuring customer satisfaction. Under his leadership, the Frontline Technologies team has met the overall business-technology, communications and corporate needs of financial industry leaders such as Genuity Capital Markets, Wellington West, Jennings Capital Markets and Versant Partners among other reputable companies.

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cloud computing
automatic ring down line
business continuity plan
voip & telephony services
hosted environment services
unlimited mail box size
compliance eMail archiving
collocation and fully managed services
desktop services
network solutions
additional solutions
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